englische Buchreihen/Mehrteiler

Wird von Zeit zu Zeit noch erweitert.

Hier eine Übersicht, der Buchreihen, die ich sammle und welche Bände ich bereits habe (blau markiert):

Curse of the Full Moon von Luke William
1: The Hunter

Altered States von Laura Harner
1: Altered States
2: Deep Blues Goodbye
3: Deadly Shades of Gold
4: Free Falling Crimons

Darklands Vampires von Donna Burgess
1: A Vampire's Tale
2: ...

Wand and Waver von C.E.Dorsett
1: The Chain

The Shenandoah Pack series von Taylor Law
1: Wrong Turn

The Rich Fordham Series von Josh Handrich
1: Raw Vengeance
2: Kingdom of Rage

The Blood Betrayal Series von T.E. Ridener
1: Blood Betrayal
1.5: Mirela and her Vampire
Mini-Book 1: Blood Betrayal: Lilith
Mini-Book 2: Blood Betrayal: Jamen
2: Blood Revelations

The Adventures of Marco and Carla von Shamara S. Davis
1: The Dark Castle
2: The Forest of Faces
3: The Ghost of Black Crow Bridge
4: The Monster of Lake Shan

The Young Bloodsuckers Series von PJ Dominicis
1: Depraved Blood
2: The Book of Jeremy
3: The Book of Constantinos
4: The Book of Sethos
5: Bohemian Babylon

Bakkian Chronicles von Jeffrey Poole
1: The Prophecy
2: Insurrection
3: Amulet of Aria

Grimsley Hollow von Nicole Storey
1: The Chosen One
2: Eve of the Beginning
3: The Search for Siren

The Beast of Maug Maurai von Roberto Calas
1: The Culling
2: Feeding the Gods
3: Stars and Graves

The Fringe von Tarah Benner
1: Recon
2: Exposure
3: Outbreak

Sleepy Hollow von Ranae Rose
1: Whiskey Dreams
2: Haunted Passions

The Arcadia Falls Chronicles von Jennifer Malone Wright
1: Love & War
2: Taking Talon
3: Vampire Apokalypse
4: Blood Warrior
5: Winds of Fire

Angeli von Amy Vansant
1: Angeli: The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman
2: Cherubim: Angeli Book II

Morna's Legacy Series von Bethany Claire
1: Love Beyond Time
2: Love Beyond Reason
3: Love Beyond Hope
4: Love Beyond Measure
5: Love Beyond Compare
6: Love Beyond Dreams
7: Love Beyond Belief
A Conall Christmas: Book 2.5
In Due Time: Book 4.5

A James Pruett Mystery von R.S. Guthrie
1: Blood Land
2: Money Land
3: Honor Land

Spellbound Trilogy von Nikki Jefford
1: Entangled
2: Duplicity
3: Enchantment

The She-King von Libbie Hawker
1: The Sekhmet Bed
2: The Crook and Flail
3: Sovereign of Stars
4: The Bull of Min

The Age of Alandria von Morgan Wylie
1: Silent Orchids
2: Veiled Shadows
3: Fractured Darkness

Blood of Kings von Jill Williamson & Jeff Gerke
1: By Darkness Hid
2: To Darkness Fled
3: From Darkness Won

The Kinsman Chronicles von Jill Williamson
1: Darkness Reigns
2: The Heir War
3: The End of All Things

The Crystal Warriors von Maree Anderson
1: The Crystal Warrior
2: Ruby's Dream
3: Jade's Choice
4: Opal's Wish

The Seer Trilogy von Maree Anderson
1: Seer's Hope
2: Seer's Promise
3: Seer's Choice

The Airel Saga von Aaron Patterson
1: Airel:The Awakening
2: Airel:The Discovering
3: Michael:The Curse
4: Michael:The Mark
5: Uriel: The Inheritance
6: Uriel: The Price

The Valkyrie Series von T.G. Ayer
1: Dead Radiance
2: Dead Embers
3: Dead Chaos
4: Dead Wrath
5: Dead Silence

The Solus Series von Devri Walls
1: Wings of Arian
2: Wings of Tavea
3: Wings of Nestor
4: Wings of Lomay

Descendant Prophecies von Mary Ting
1: From Gods
2: From Deities
3: From Origins

Arkosaegan von Jason Link
1: The Legender

Zak Steepleman Novels von Dave Bakers
1: Gamers Con
2: Inside Kids
3: Phantom Arkade
4: Echoes of Undone
5: The Spread
Getting into the Game Short Stories

Moonstone von M.F. Page
1: Moonstone: Shades of Blue

The Narthex Academy Series von Jennifer Tubbiolo
1: Dreamer
2: Speaker
3: Protector
The Scroll of Reuben: A Short Story

The Gatekeeper's Saga von Eva Pohler
1: The Gatekeeper's Sons
2: The Gatekeeper's Challenge
3: The Gatekeeper's Daughter
4: The Gatekeeper's House
5: The Gatekeeper's Secret
6: The Gatekeeper's Promise

Halflord von Kris Kramer
1: Oath Breaker
2: Thief

Chronicle Of The Five von Garek Rohan
1: Dark Revenant

Elusive Series von Whitney Pagano
1: The Girl Who Remained Elusive

The Estralony Cycle von E.D.Ebeling
1: Aloren
2: Wind Over Bone

Tales of the Lore Valley von Kris Kramer
1: The Wind Riders
2: The Montsernan Agreement
3: Betrayal of the Order
4: House Corovin

Rise of Cithria von Kris Kramer
1: The Chosen
2: The Descent
3: The Breaking
4: The Master
5: ?
6: ?

The Books of Ezekiel von Colby R. Rice
1: The Given
2: The Taken

Angel Series von Lisa Grace
1: Angel in the Shadows
2: Angel in the Storm
3: Angel in the Ice
4: Angel in the Fire

Confessions of a Monster Hunter von Eric Guindon
1: The Veil of Innocence
2: The Curse of the Ebon Wolf

Dark Ascension Series von N.R. Wick
1: Land of No Angels
2: Land of No Mortals
3: Land of No Demons

Guardians & The Lost Paradise (Book 1 - 6) von Michael Abayomi

Mortal Enchantment von Stacey O'Neale
1: The Shadow Prince
2: Mortal Enchantment (?)
3: Fragile Reign

A Wizard's Life von Eric Guindon
1: Apprentice
2: Journeyman
3: Master

Yesterday's Gone von Sean Platt & David Wright
1: Season One
2: Season Two
3: Season Three
4: Season Four
5: Season Five
6: Season Six

The Mission League von Jill Williamson
1: The New Recruit: Mission 1: Moscow
2: Project Gemini: Mission 2: Okinawa
Chokepoint: Mini Mission 1.5
Ambushed: Mini Mission 2.5

The Technomage Archive von B.J. Keeton
1: Birthright
2: Lineage
3: Legacy

Blemished Series von Sarah Dalton
1: The Blemished
2: The Vanished
3: The Unleashed

Sawyer Jackson Adventures von Kevin Tumlinson
1: Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land
2: Sawyer Jackson and the Shadow Strait

Citadel von Kevin Tumlinson
1: First Colony
2: Paths in Darkness
3: Children of Light
Citadel: The Value of War: A Citadel Novella

Euphemia Martins Mysteries von Caroline Dunford
1: A Death in the Family
2: A Death in the Highlands
3: A Death in the Asylum
4: A Death In The Wedding Party
5: A Death in the Pavilion
6: A Death in the Loch
7: A Death for King and Country
The Mistletoe Mystery: A Euphemia Martins Mystery Short Story

Rose McQuinn Series von Alanna Knight
1: The Inspector's Daughter
2: Dangerous Pursuits
3: An Orkney Murder
4: Ghost Walk
5: Destroying Angel
6: Quest for a Killer
7: Deadly Legacy
8: The Balmoral Incident

Inspector Faro Mystery von Alanna Knight
1: Enter Second Murderer
2: Blood Line
3: Deadly Beloved
4: Killing Cousins
5: A Quiet Death
6: To Kill a Queen
7: The Missing Duchess
8: The Coffin Lane Murders
9: The Bull Slayers
10: Murder by Appointment
11: The Evil That Men Do
12: The Final Enemy

Plexis-Series von Ivan Kramer
1: Engines of Empire
2: Edge of Evil
Prequel: Armageddon Arising

The Last Keeper's Daughter Series von Rebecca Trogner
1: The Last Keeper's Daughter
2: The Last Guardian Rises

Cassandra Myles Witch Series von Electa Graham
1: Blood and Loss
2: Blood and Redemption
3: Blood and Reign
4: Blood and Revenge

The Chronicles of Arden von Shiriluna Nott
1: A Call to Arms
2: Nightfall

The Guardian Trilogy von T.R.Raven
1: The Guardian's Keeper
2: The Gurdian's Curse
3: The Guardian's Heir

Devil's Bible Series von Michael Bolan
1: The Sons of Brabant

The Patronus Series von Sarah M. Ross (auch als Gesamtausgabe erhältlich)
1: Awaken
2: Avenge
3: Atone

Die Feuermagier-Trilogie von Kate Bloomfield
1: Frost Arch (hab ich auf deutsch und englisch)
2: Flamethroat
3: Falling Ashes

Turik Saga von Jonas Lau
1: Turik and the Lost Woman
2: Turik and the Elven Queen
3. Turik and the Blood Queen

The Mythrian Realm Series von Lindsay Avalon
1: Breaking the Nexus
2: Waking the Phoenix

A Star Too Far Series von Casey Calouette
1: Trial by Ice
2: Edge of Solace
3: Edge of Redemption

Secret Seekers Society von J.L.Hickey
1: ...and the Beat of Bladenboro
2: ...and Solomon's Seal

Caine Riorden von Charles Gannon
1: Fire with Fire
2: Trial by Fire

Kyrrian Chronicles von Sarah R. Ellis
1: The Great War

Blood Destiny-Reihe von Helen Harper
1: Bloodfire
2: Bloodmagic
3: Bloodrage
4: Blood Politics
5: Bloodlust

The Nine Realms von Mark Cole
1: A Child of Two Worlds
2: The Libram of Fate
3: Earth on Fire

A Drew Farthering Mystery von Julianna Deering
1: Rule of Murder
2: Death by the Book
3: Murder at the Mikado

My Wolf von Eden Cole
1: Not My Wolf
2: Touch My Wolf
3: Heal My Wolf

A Cane River Romance von Mary Jane Hathaway
1: A Star to Steer by
2: Only Through Love
3: These Sheltering Walls
4: The Pepper in the Gumbo

The Journal of Vincent Du Maurier von K.P. Ambroziak
1: The Journal of Vincent Du Maurier
2: The Journal of Vincent Du Maurier II

Daron's Guitar Chronicles von Cecilia Tan
1: Volume One
2: Volume Two
3: Volume Three
4: Volume Four
5: Volume Five
6: Volume Six
7: Volume Seven

Dark Reflections von Natasha Duncan-Drake
1: Me, Myself and I
2: Dreams and Reality

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